Who We Are

My name is Sean Wright and I've lived in NW Arkansas for roughly the last 25 years.  About 4 years ago I bought some property just outside of town in Prairie Grove, AR.


For the past 14 years I have worked in a corporate environment and after 80 hour work weeks and minimal time off it was time to say goodbye and start a new chaper in my life.


I've always enjoyed wood working and creating custom pieces for families to enjoy for many many years! Every piece is unique and made for you and your family!


All of our furniture is custom hand-made rustic style cut and assembled in my own garage in Prairie Grove, AR.


The Bluebird in Downtown Prairie Grove

So happy to announce that I have partnered with The Bluebird in downtown Prairie Grove to showcase items we have built effective July 1!

I’ll have a good assortment of my hand-made furniture that will be featured in their window and I’m so incredibly excited about this wonderful opportunity!

Go by and see them now for some awesome one-of-a-kind furniture and other types of accessories before they are sold!

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Prairie Grove Outdoor Furniture

The Bluebird

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